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“I can't tell you how meaningful it was, so loving, for you to take the time with a complete stranger and devote that spiritual attention to me. It really touched me. The insights, every one of them I could relate to. I felt a deep connection to Life after, on so many levels that I can't understand them all, yet I feel it. It was a confirmation of who I am and where I'm going. That I don't have to force anything, in whatever I have to deal with. The way you hold space for and teach your students—it's seamless, strong, very Pacha Mama, very light but very grounded. A beautiful energy in that space you create, and so cool to be in it! I can see it's where your inspiration and passion are. It's so powerful what you do with Deep Roots Psychic Studio.” - LESLEY C., TAOS, NM


“I love Deep Roots healings and have also had several personal readings, which ground me and help to navigate the increasing challenges we all face daily. Much insight and growth! Lisa is a remarkable healer and psychic who projects love and compassion.” - VANESSA R., SANTA FE, NM

“Life changing.” - TODD S., PHOENIX, AZ


“Strong, deep work is going on in my energy. Cleaning my aura, I identified an intrusion behind me, and I healed it out. I feel my aura becoming more tangible. I wake up feeling protected and secure, as well as more open.” - EVE P., QUÉBEC, CANADA


“Lisa Pelletier's reading was profound. It left me feeling so expansive, and seeing possibilities I hadn't allowed myself to see before. A beautiful experience.” - JOY M., MELBOURNE, AU


"Since my reading with you, life has fewer sharp edges. The paths around them are now seen as opportunities. It is very sweet to watch.” - LOIS S., SANTA FE, NM


“Lisa, thank you for working with me today! I felt safe in your presence. I still feel so much unfolding. I was restored.” - MARY M., SANTA FE, NM 

“So much appreciation, Lisa, for the energy healing prior to my recent surgery. Before your work, I felt stressed and scared about my procedure. After your work, I felt calm, centered and unafraid. As I lay in the hospital bed I could literally feel an angel on my shoulder. Everything went smoothly with no complications, and I am very grateful for the role you played.” - KIRSTE P., SANTA FE, NM


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