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Practical exercises to discover and manifest more of how you enjoy expressing and living as a woman. 


Open to all - Each meditation focuses on helping you find some ease with many aspects, including: Intuition • Self Image • Female Creativity • Relationships • Career • Clearing stuck feelings from life changes (puberty, pregnancy, divorce, etc) • Expanding your sense of well being • Experiencing the present moment from a neutral perspective


  • 6 Live Zoom workshops taught annually (2023 dates TBD)

  • 6 mp3 downloads are available for purchase

Practice self-care & well-being techniques in these workshops. In magical ways, discover and manifest more of the beautiful Who of you, in the unique way that you enjoy expressing as a woman. 


Especially in these times when our female intuitive healing abilities are so needed, this series will help increase peace, centeredness, and creativity. We'll ground our bodies to the earth, visualize goals, do energy work, release that which no longer serves, and fill back up with our own life force.


  • Psychically explore your women's intuition

  • Practice seeing and working with color, energy, chakras, past lives, ancestry, and "mock-ups"  

  • Receive handouts, and learn self-care tools 

  • Ground & restore the female anatomy and channels  

  • Increase creativity and personal power


You are capable of self-transformation with a unique way of creating as a female. Update how you create, and draw new possibilities to you! Increase your psychic-spiritual awareness, i.e. the experiential practice of utilizing 

clairvoyance to be on your path. The destination is expanded creativity and empowerment. 



If you attend all 6 of the Butterfly workshops, you are eligible to attend any of the Self Alchemy modules.


FEES & PAYMENT  There are 2 ways to pay for this training:




Contact Lisa with questions:

New clients and students are always welcome! Ask me about these exciting opportunities of Spirit.

(505) 927-5407 

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