Clairvoyant Awareness & Spiritual Awakening

Mondays • Offered on Zoom (video participation)

4:30pm PT | 5:30pm MT | 6:30pm CT | 7:30pm ET

MODULE 1 starts early 2023 (ask us about the schedule)

MODULE 2 starts Summer 2023 

MODULE 3 starts Winter 2023

MODULE 4 ongoing through April 2023


There's always a next step on your path: After attending any of Deep Roots' 6-week classes, there is so much more to discover! Self-Alchemy is a beautiful step-up into seeing who you truly are, practicing being who you are more fully, and on your way to sharing who you are in ways you may have been longing to, even since you dropped into this body.


This grounded instruction in visualization, practical intuition and applied energy work provides a profound foundation for healing and transforming your spirit and your life. You can awaken from unconscious following along and free yourself from childhood or cultural programming. Includes guided journeys to other states, and high vibration communication from your Guides. Click here for the Self Alchemy Welcome!

Validate your own awareness and knowingness, grow into your next steps, and be the beautiful Who of you:

  • Create a profound foundation for transforming your life 

  • Begin a healing-of-the-soul adventure. The clairvoyant path—reading and healing energies in yourself and others—is a path of Spirit. 

  • Journey to other states, other lives, and communicate with your Guides. 

  • Attend weekly Zoom classes & reading practicums.

  • Receive up to 3 energy check-ups from the instructors. 

PREREQUISITE  You are eligible to start Self Alchemy classes if you've attended at least one of the following:

  • Intuition & Energy

  • Butterfly Woman

  • Heal Your Energy

  • Psychic of the Soul

  • Surf the Wave of Change

  • any of the Chakras series


FEES & PAYMENT  There are 2 ways to pay for this training:


  • Make 6 monthly payments of $200 +tx

  • Receive a $120 discount with a one-time payment of $1,080 +tx



Contact Lisa with questions:

New clients and students are always welcome! Ask me about these exciting opportunities of Spirit.

(505) 927-5407