“I love Deep Roots weekly healings and have also had several personal readings. The healings ground me and help to navigate the increasing challenges we all face daily. I have also gained much insight and growth from my personal readings. Lisa Pelletier is a remarkable healer and psychic who projects love and compassion.” - VANESSA R., SANTA FE, NM

“Life changing.” - TODD S., PHOENIX, AZ


“Strong, deep work is going on in my energy [after the Intuition & Energy class]. Cleaning my aura, I identified an intrusion behind me, and I healed it out. I feel my aura becoming more tangible. I wake up feeling protected and secure, as well as more open.” - EVE P., QUÉBEC, CANADA


“Lisa Pelletier's reading was profound. It left me feeling so expansive, and seeing possibilities I hadn't allowed myself to see before. A beautiful experience.” - JOY M., MELBOURNE, AU


"Since my reading with you, life has fewer sharp edges. The paths around them are now seen as opportunities. It is very sweet to watch.” - LOIS S., SANTA FE, NM


“Lisa, thank you for working with me today! I felt safe in your presence. I still feel so much unfolding. I was restored.” - MARY M., SANTA FE, NM


“So much appreciation, Lisa, for the energy healing prior to my recent surgery. Before your work, I felt stressed and scared about my procedure. After your work, I felt calm, centered and unafraid. As I lay in the hospital bed I could literally feel an angel on my shoulder. Everything went smoothly with no complications, and I am very grateful for the role you played.” - KIRSTE P., SANTA FE, NM