Clairvoyant Healer and Teacher Lisa Pelletier of Deep Roots Studio

Clairvoyance is our most reliable source of knowing because it calls for action from Spirit, functions despite false logic, and comes precisely when needed. I communicate Spirit in this way, whether using psychic tools or paint & brushes. 

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Lisa Pelletier offers live-stream readings, healings, classes, meditations, and aura portraits. Located a hop-skip-n-a-jump from the Santa Fe River, and hovering over the sweet aquifer of Agua Fria, there are deep roots to be grown here.


©Lisa Pelletier, Santa Fe, NM

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©Lisa Pelletier

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The Roads to Home, ©Lisa Pelletier

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Aura Portrait ©Lisa Pelletier

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Aura Portrait by Lisa Pelletier, Santa Fe Psychic

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Scott Harrison Portrait, Actor & Director, Santa Fe, NM ©Lisa Pelletier

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©Lisa Pelletier

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Ariana Marchello Portrait, ©Lisa Pelletier, Santa Fe, NM

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When you draw down from the springs of Spirit, there are unlimited ways to heal. 

Deep Roots Studio specializes in intuitive and spiritual guidance, whether in classes, energy healings, psychic readings, aura portraits, business mock-ups, or house clearings.

LISA'S BACKGROUND "This path has helped me find forgiveness, creativity and love that I couldn't have imagined, let alone pursued! For me it continues to be a path of spiritual freedom, expansive consciousness and deepening connections to myself, others, and the infinite world around me. I began training in 2005, and have earned several certifications in practices developed at the Berkeley Psychic Institute and by Michael & Raphaelle Tamura."

WHAT IS A CLAIRVOYANT HEALING? Lisa looks at what validates your current growth, energy in your chakras and aura, and past-life patterns. Your Guides may give a shout out, or you may want a dream interpreted. Maybe your emotional, mental or creative spaces need some validation.

Lisa can help reboot the energy behind your unconscious patterns, and lay the groundwork for new endeavors and havingness. Click here to contact her for scheduling an appointment, to make a payment, or to see a map to find the Studio.

1 HOUR LINE READINGS Receive a reading and a spiritual hello from Deep Roots advanced clairvoyant students! Recording sent to you. Mondays @ 6pm MT, Nov 22, Dec 6 & 20 and
Jan 10 & 24. 
Zoom. $30.
RSVP required.

SELF-ALCHEMY IS ONGOING! This 6 month training is a weekly class & practice reading space. Ask Lisa about this amazing next step. Mondays, 5:30pm MT. More info here!


PSYCHIC OF THE SOUL  Center into your beingness as you walk through this turbulent time of global and personal awakening. Step-up your psychic healing skills and conscious awareness! Downloads + Handouts + Chat with Lisa. Details. 

  • Ground, run earth & cosmic energy

  • Own and heal your aura 

  • Expand your clairvoyance

  • Overflow with healing from the god of your heart

  • Mock-up new possibilities 

  • Communicate with a Spirit Guide

4 sessions: 5:30pm, Mondays & Wednesdays, Nov. 3 & 7 + Dec. 1 & 5. Or attend at your own schedule with the mp3 series. Info Sheet. To pay: "Psychic Soul $200"

WORKSHOP DOWNLOADS Discover the rose as a healing tool in the Rose Meditation. Practice the clairvoyant tool of a "spiritual hello" in Hello in There. Have fun creating for yourself in Mock Up Space, + more! Details on mp3 workshops. 

Live CLAIRVOYANT SESSIONS Intuitive energy reading & spiritual hello with Lisa Pelletier. Open up your new "space to be." Receive validation for your growth, capabilities, and possibility. Allow an experienced and validating 'witness' to see and heal energy in your chakras, aura, and soul space. Phone or Zoom, or in the Studio. $200 / $240. Details. 

PSYCHIC FAIRE Receive some spiritual insight & a next step. RSVP required. March 21, 2022

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See Who You Are    Be Who You Are    Share Who You Are


As everything in our world can be an entry point, a next step, into a deeper communion, so also any of Deep Roots' healings, workshops and classes can be your next step. Find yours in the offerings below! 


Reserved Ahead/$200 Non-reserved/$240 

10:30am-6:30pm by appointment

Receive validation, energy healing and a next step on your path to freedom from Santa Fe psychic healer Lisa PelletierThese private sessions are a spiritual hello to the beautiful Who of you, and can be a step on your awakening path. Lisa sees color, energy, what validates your growth, past lives, and possibilities! She helps clear others' control and influence, past energy (what you're clinging to) and invalidation (that which doesn't support your worth) from your field.


Lisa offers 75 minute sessions for $200, scheduled and paid ahead. If a last-minute spot is available: $240. Zoom, phone, or at Deep Roots. Groups & parties are a minimum $500. Click for questions or to schedule. Contact Lisa at (505) 927-5407. Pay via PayPal on the Info & Pay page.


1 HOUR LINE READINGS Receive a reading and a spiritual hello from Deep Roots advanced clairvoyant students! Openings are Nov 22, Dec 6, 20. Online. $30. Recording sent to you. Live-stream on Zoom. Mondays at 6:00pm MT. RSVP required.


Seeing & Owning Your Energetic Fundamentals

Zoom  Mon & Wed, November 3, 7, December 1, 5

5:30pm-7:30pm MT

Or attend at your own schedule with the mp3 series.a

  • Ground & center, release what no longer serves you  

  • Run and restore your energy, and see your field

  • Set energetic boundaries and find neutrality

  • Remove others' control. Re-fill with your own energy!

You as Spirit will heal your life experience, body, aura, and creative channels. Within a gathering storm there is always You who notices the storm. Beyond the weather, you are always fresh, clear and deep. 

  • Using simple energetic tools, practice owning your space and increase clarity in your field 

  • Meditation, energy work, visioning, Healing Guide

What is psychic of-the-soul? 'Havingness?' Draw to you what you want to create. Learn to see and manage your energy, and increase well-being and enthusiasm. Pre-req for Self-Alchemy. $200. Check out the Info Sheet.


Own & Create with Your Female Creative Energy

Zoom or Download Spring 2022

Practice self-care & anxiety-reducing techniques in this upcoming livestream meditation series. In magical ways, discover and manifest more of the beautiful Who of you, in the unique way that you enjoy being and expressing as a woman. Especially in these times when our female intuitive healing abilities are so needed, so being utilized, this series will help with anxiety, centeredness, and creative self-care exercises. We'll do easy grounding & breathwork, visualizations, guided energy work, releasing that which no longer serves us, and "filling back up" with our own life force brilliance. 

  • Psychically explore your women's intuition & creativity

  • Practice seeing and working with color, energy, chakras, past lives, ancestry, and "mock-ups"  

  • Receive Butterfly Handouts, and learn self-care tools that stay with you, always at the ready

  • Ground & restore the female anatomy and channels  

  • Increase creativity and personal power

You are capable of remarkable self-transformation with a unique way of creating as a female. Update how you create, and draw new possibilities to you! Increase your psychic-spiritual awareness, i.e. the experiential practice of utilizing imagination and clairvoyance to put you on your path. The destination is expanded creativity and empowerment. $200 series. Purchase "Butterfly"


Next Steps in Your Clairvoyance & Energy Healing 

Zoom 2022, dates TBD

5:30pm-7:30pm MT

Prereq: I&E, Butterfly Woman, etc (ask me)

  • Take a next step in your seeing, healing, and knowing 

  • Practice experiencing everything as energy

Yes, there are more psychic tools! Such as: body of glass, running and clearing the creative channels, aligning chakras, grounding out beings, removing energy cords, deprogramming, and changing spiritual contracts. Upgrade your ability to create your life. $200


with Certified Intuitive Teacher Lisa Pelletier

Clairvoyant Awareness & Spiritual Awakening

Zoom Ongoing thru 2022, Join anytime!

There's always a next step on your path: After Psychic of-the-SoulButterfly Woman, Clear Your Chakras, or Intuition & Energy, there is so much more to discover than you can imagine! Self-Alchemy is a beautiful step-up into seeing who you truly are, practicing being who you are more fully, and on your way to sharing who you are in ways you may have been longing to, even since you dropped into this body. Ask Lisa about the easy prereq!


This grounded instruction in visualization, practical intuition and applied energy work provides a profound foundation for healing and transforming your spirit and your life. You can awaken from unconscious following along and free yourself from childhood or cultural programming. Includes guided journeys to other states, and high vibration communication from your Guides. Welcome to your psychic adventure!

Validate your own awareness and knowingness, grow into your next steps, and be the beautiful Who of you:

  • Create a profound foundation for healing and transforming your life 

  • Begin a healing-of-the-soul adventure. The clairvoyant path—reading and healing energies in yourself and others—is a path of Spirit. 

  • Journey to other states, other lives, and communicate with your Guides. 

  • Attend weekly Zoom classes & reading practicums. Receive energy check-ups. $200/mo.


Energy work to make space for your dreams & goals!

mp3 download

What is a "mock-up tool"? A visualized, imagined, and intentioned exercise to grow your goals. In this 2 hour workshop, draw possibilities to you by practicing simple and elegant visualizations to help you:

  • have more of a particular thing, feeling, or experience in your life

  • maintain enthusiasm & commitment to a long-term dream stabilize and grow an ongoing project

  • dispel frustration or aimlessness, i.e. "I wish I knew what I want!"

  • When you imagine, you access your birthright to create! And you make space for new curiosity, preferences, and heart's desires.

When you really want something, there are a lot of emotions that embolden—or thwart— the intention and visualization in your "mock-up space." The exercises in this workshop will clean out negative or stale messages & feelings that block your creativity and your ability to create. Learn energy awareness tools to evolve your ability to attract more possibility, choice, and "havingness." In a positive and playful way, you will look at, and work the energy of, your "mock-up" space. Do you give your choices & creations enough space? Do you provide the right kind of space? Purchase "workshop" to receive the download link.

To align life experience with your spiritual path

mp3 download

We're all  on our own healing path. To find your way, it's a great help to know how to ground and center within. Take an intuitive look at your path. In this workshop be guided through grounding techniques, a visit with a past self, and an alignment to your own path. Purchase "workshop" to receive this 2 hour guided meditation & energy work


Refuel Your Spiritual Energy Batteries

Zoom 2022, Wednesdays, TBD

Intuitively see, clear and restore the energy of your aura and main chakras. Create space for healing to happen. Practice energetic tools that heal and transform not only your space, but also your life! Learn how to toss out stuck problems, and fill up with your own validating life force — to overflowing! $225. Here's a sneak peek:

  • 1st Chakra: Abundance Space • safety • well-being • our health and relationship with the body • our body-spirit connection • feeling grounded

  • 2nd Chakra: Emotional Space • release others' emotions & problems • creativity • balanced sexuality  • feeling real • let go of unconsciously healing others

To pay for a series or a session click here.  To discuss questions and options email Lisa.

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4195 Agua Fria Street
Santa Fe, NM 87507
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Sessions are by appointment: please either email Lisa or call/text her at 505.927.5407. For an email form and a location map, please scroll down.

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